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Tipp City 175th Celebration 1820-2015

Tipp City, Ohio will be celebrating it's 175th on July 3rd & July 4th weekend. There will be a downtown celebration on Friday evening, July 3rd, beginning at 5:00pm with a journey back in time with horse & buggy rides, entertainment, historical characters and a special visitor. Saturday, July 4th will include an afternoon parade (4pm) and special events at the Tipp City park that will include live music, games for the kids, great food and of course the annual Tipp City Fireworks!


Miami County Equine Initiatives Task Force hosted a roundtable discussion on Thursday, March 14, 2013, at the Troy Country Club. Attendees included Senator Bill Beagle and State Representative Dick Adams. Abbey Credit Union and Gover-Harley Davidson sponsored the event.


Miami County Equine Initiatives task force is a grass roots organization dedicated to the development of equine trails and venues and the growth of the equine industry with in Miami County. As such, it serves as the umbrella organization which provides the central source of support offering assistance in a full range of trail considerations such as planning, establishment, maintenance, and education.


The meeting focused on achieving several goals:

Public/Private Trails – Additional trail opportunities in State and County Parks will be explored through partnerships and collaborations. Identification of land between park spaces such as abandoned railway beds and canal paths can provide access points for lateral trail connectors and loops. This provides for safe passage ways to travel into the public trails system.



Equestrian Industry Clearinghouse – Through the promotion of trails at local festivals/events, and social media, the need for an equine clearinghouse is being realized. The MCEITF has been serving in this capacity by making referrals and communicating with local politicians, government agencies, business, and community leaders to heighten awareness of community needs and opportunities through the expansion of the equine industry.

Miami County Outdoor Recreation Coalition – Greenways and Blueways are often major tourist attractions which generate expenditures on lodging, food, and recreation related services. Under this concept, provides business opportunities for recreational equipment rentals and sales, lessons, and other related business. Web presence for recreational groups, clubs, and businesses with links to government sites (parks and city).

Miami County Strategic Development Plan – Horse Friendly Language Inclusion – Sets assist the foundation for equine industry growth. Land use planning is an important activity that helps a community grow and function in the manner that is needed and desired by its residents. A comprehensive plan is a guide to future development of the community. The goal is for the final plan to represent the wishes of the residents in the planning area. The plan often takes into account the preservation of natural features, historic elements, and practices of the community.

Equine Friendly Housing Developments – Real property Values increase. Many studies demonstrate that parks, greenways, and trails increase nearby property values, thus increasing local tax revenues. Such increased revenues often offset greenway acquisition costs.


Having horse trails is an important element to Miami County because trails benefit the economy, add jobs, support our youth groups, such as 4H and boy/girl scouts, our veterans, and help with physical therapy for the disabled, not to mention, they serve as a recreational outlet for the many horse owners here in the county.


Special guest speakers included:

State Representative Dick Adams
Senator Bill Beagle
Mayor Dee Gillis
Tipp City Councilman Mike McDermott
Pamela Bartel, 4-H Youth Horse Club Advisor
Keith Schaurer, Director, Eagle’s Wings Therapeutic Riding Center


Others in attendance at the Forum included, city officials, business leaders, township officials, county officials, parks personnel, 4-H representatives, and other major stakeholders.


MCEITF would like to thank all of those who participated in this successful Forum.

Please see Miami County Horse Trails Forum and the Forum Summary for more information and ideas generated from the round table discussions.


Hug the Earth Festival

On May 17th, the Miami County Equine Initiatives Task Force participated in the Hug the Earth Festival at Stillwater Reserve in Covington, Ohio.  Volunteers of the MCEITF enjoyed entertaining children with fun activities and crafting stick horses.  Members of the MCEITF brought horses for the children to pet, gave equine demonstrations, and much more.  It was a fun day for all!
Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities
Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities
Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities
Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities Hug the Earth Festival activities



Pony Day Camp - Ages 8 - 10

Basic care, tack and parts of a horse. Participants were taught learn to lead, mount & dismount, and ride a horse at a walk. There was games, crafts, and wasa lot of fun! Refreshments were provided.

Instructor: Kris DesAutels


Little Horse Whisperer
- Ages 5 - 8

You learned how to listen to horses and understand how they communicate with each other! The first two classes were action-packed fun activities at the community center making sense of horse senses.The third class, put into practice what
was learned with a visit to a real stable!

Instructor: Flora Rectenwald


Little Horse Whisperer


Hug The Earth Family Festival
- All Ages

This was a free family event at Stillwater Reserve. There was a very handsome horse, Baron, that looked like a Barbie horse. There was a booth where you could sign up to show support of horse trails in Miami County. Information about horse-related activities within Miami County was also available. Eagles Wings Stables partnered with us and provided information about Therapeutic Riding.

Hug The Earth Family Festival



Autumn in the Ohio Country 1812 – All ages

There is an inextricable link between horses and history! Oct 20, 2012, located at historic Staley Mill Farm and Indian Creek Distillery , we set up a booth to promote horse trails and horse related recreational opportunities for Miami County Citizens like you!




Fall Farm Fest – All ages

We were pleased to set up a display at Miami County Park’s largest event of the year. With two horses on the grounds at Lost Creek on October 13 and 14th, 2012 to garner support for horse trails. It was our first event and it was a great success. Please join us again at this festival in 2013!

visit website

Hug The Earth Family Festival



Kyle Park Horse Trails are open!
2012 - Horse lovers in Miami County now have a place to ride that's much closer to home.
Thanks to the efforts of the Miami County Equine Initiatives Task Force, the first horse trails in Miami County are open in Kyle Park, Tipp City.
Click to read more from Troy Daily News


Little Horse Whisperer | Ages 5 – 8
On April 3rd and 5th, children learned how to listen to horses and understand how they communicate with each other! The first two classes were action packed with fun activities, making sense of horse senses. The third class, childred visited a real stable, fed horses and treat and made new friends! Instructor: Flora Rectenwald.

Instructor: Flora Rectenwald
Horse Ears Little Horse Whisper Class Walking
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